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Friday, July 31, 2015


How much solitude is optimal for you?

My solitude is precious to me, especially for reading. But even in social situations - which should be catnip for an extrovert like myself - I often long to be alone soon with my thoughts. And when involved in lengthy solo projects at the stable where I volunteer, I sometimes find the re-entry interacting with others a little jarring. I often think of my Dad at times like this and wonder if his solitary physical labors ever gave him a sense of peace. Putting aside your fatigue, do you get any psychological boost doing this kind of work? Do you think it's related to the solitude?

Playing my guitar, writing and riding my bike all give me a lift, with the latter providing the richest opportunity for pure reflection. That reflecting time is likely the main reason I value solitude so much. I don't foresee a cabin in the woods in my future, however. Much as I value my time alone, I'm happy with the balance of my life in this domain. Each time I make a choice to withdraw, I'm grateful there are people to whom I can return.

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