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Thursday, July 23, 2015

So Long Seth

What percentage of movies that you've seen would you call forgettable?

Part of the preparation process for an upcoming class I'm delivering about the intersection of music and movies has been to look through my 1993 edition of Leonard Maltin's movie guide. Since buying it, I've used the book to jot in the margins the title of every film I see, along with the date. I'm only up to "L" in Maltin's book and there are already dozens of films for which I have zero recollection. Nothing. Not the face of any actor, not a glimmer of the story. In some cases - unless the title gives it away - I couldn't even say if the film that occupied this couch potato for ninety minutes or more was a romantic comedy, an action yarn, a serious drama. If the entries in the margins weren't my own handwriting, I would swear - under oath - I've never seen that movie, your honor.

So began this reflection on time squandered on certifiably forgettable films. Next, came the internal chastising - Why not practice guitar, read Proust, or exercise instead? Moving right along, let's have a neat rationalization: Everyone needs mindless escape from time to time. Finally, a resolution - no more films involving the Farrelly Brothers, anything directed by Brian DePalma or within striking distance of Seth Rogen. Gotta start somewhere, don't I?

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