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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wanted: Presidential Advisers - No Experience Required

Although disinclined to open up a political can of worms, I am curious. If you were in a position to do so, on what one issue would you lobby the President to focus more attention as his second term draws to a close?

It could be inflammatory but I feel strongly President Obama should begin more aggressively using the bully pulpit to speak from the heart about race. Even his most obnoxious critics have had trouble demonizing his measured posture about this issue over the last seven years. Can we afford to wait for the election of the next African-American President before facing this gaping wound in the American psyche? I don't think we can. What do you think?

It also strikes me as naive - if not ill-advised - to suggest that it need not be an African-American President initiating a more robust dialogue. Would a white President have chastised the police when they hassled Henry Louis Gates at his own front door? Could a white President have said Trayvon Martin might have been his son? Despite the predictable backlash after he spoke following both those incidents, I was heartened the President stepped into the fray. I was also deeply moved at the remarks he made in Charleston recently. I think it's reasonable to say his words had more poignancy given his heritage. In the view of this blogger cum Presidential adviser, many of us will benefit if President Obama spends political capital continuing this conversation.

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