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Sunday, July 26, 2015

New On My Radar

Lately, when passing those flashing radar signs telling me my speed, I've fantasized that warnings like these would be just as useful for me if they signaled a looming personal transgression instead of the vehicular variety. For example...

* I'd benefit seeing a big red "P" when I'm about to lose my patience with someone or..
* How about a flashing "C" reminding me to remain civil even if provoked?

Since patience and civility seem to be in short supply on the roads anyway, money could be saved by test marketing my ideas first on our local streets before trying them out during face-to-face interactions; I'll volunteer to test both prototypes. And while in fantasy-land, how about this - use the numbers already on the radar signs to let drivers know how many feet they are from the bumper of the car in front of them. This part alone could save my marriage.

Aside from "YOUR SPEED = 35 MPH", what kind of radar warning would be helpful to you?


  1. Pat, How about a "M" when I'm not in the moment?


    1. Peter; I love it!! And, I'm going to try using it. Thanks for commenting.