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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Limited Time Offer: Your Recommendations

Fourteen hours on the plane to/from Anchorage and an eight hour train ride getting to the first National Park - I'll be visiting the library at least once before this Friday. How many books do you need when taking a trip with as many traveling hours as this?

In this, our Kindle age, I'm not speaking of the physical objects you'd carry. I'm talking about which subjects you'd want to cover and what might be your fiction to non-fiction mix. Would you tackle a long classic with that much potential reading time? Are times like this for trying to catch up on a favorite author's work or sampling someone new? For a bookworm like me, these are no idle matters.

And for those regular visitors to my blog who might have a handle on my reading proclivities: What recommendations do you have for me? Newer copyrights only, please; my list of older stuff is plenty long. If I end up not liking what you suggest, no one will be the wiser - I only blog about books that move me. So if you suggest a winner and I write a post about it, you'll get the credit. Such a deal.

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