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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Judging Bell Blues


Three years on and I've still got the judging bell blues. If you read my post above from 8/20/12, I'm still curious where you'd place yourself on the 1-4 judging scale I suggested therein. And even more significantly, have you made any inroads?

My own progress dealing with this devilish issue has been minimal. I'll give myself a little credit for going public three years ago but getting my judging mind to shut off for long remains very hard, bells notwithstanding. In a conversation with my wife recently, I heard myself defending some harsh judgments I'd made of others. When she suggested the price to be paid for incessant judging - people retreating from those of us who do this - her insight rang true. Perhaps this was already obvious to you; for me it was a teaching moment.

Seems now I've at least got the "what" and the "so what". Now what? Well, that long-running technique I mentioned back in August 2012 - saying the word "judging" aloud whenever I fall into the trap - appears to have outlived its efficacy. What do you do to keep the judging bell blues at bay?


  1. Have you ever read Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements? I have found these useful: 1. Be Impeccable with Your Word, 2. Don't Take Anything Personally, 3.Make No Assumptions, 4. Always Do your Best. I have a friend who has added a fifth: Be the Place Where Love Shows Up. She has a quotation from Louise Hay: "Changes that are forced into being are always temporary, But changes that are loved into being are permanent.

    1. Ines; Thank you so much for reminding me of Ruiz' four agreements. I was indeed familiar with them but, like so much I've been exposed to, sometimes what I need isn't there the moment I need it. And, you directly inspired my post for "today" (i.e. Friday 8/21)). Thanks for also for reading my blog and your comments. Under separate cover, I will send you a link to an older post of mine that may help you understand better what I was speaking of in my "Caution And Clarity" post, which you also commented on. A bit of irony that that post itself was unclear, no?