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Monday, August 10, 2015

Open The Cabinet (Just A Little)

Who would you nominate for Secretary of the Arts?

Put aside the lamentable fact that there is no such cabinet level position and fantasize with me a little. What would be an optimum age for this person? Should experience as a professional artist (in some field) be a requirement or is expertise in the business end of the arts preferable? Or should our first Secretary of the Arts have both those qualifications on their resume? What are some good questions to ask this individual during their confirmation process?

Think of the message we'd send to the world setting this precedent. Lest I alienate fiscal conservatives, make this a one-person show - no new Department needed. Put some already existing entities - like the NEA - under this person's bailiwick. But have the position report directly to the President.

What do you think? Before revealing my first nominee, I need to hear yours.

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