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Friday, August 21, 2015

When A Student Is Ready...

"Adults learn through spaced repetition."

I'm not sure where in my evolution as an adult educator I was first exposed to the statement above. But time and again the simple truth of it has been demonstrated to me, both as an educator and a learner.

Since first reading it in 1997, I've tried to fully internalize the four agreements Don Miguel Ruiz detailed in his book of the same name. And to help me remember them, I've carried a cheat sheet with my journal, something I'm rarely without. The four agreements Ruiz suggests we make with ourselves are - 1.) be impeccable with your word; 2.) don't take anything personally; 3.) don't make assumptions; 4.) always do your best.

The only comment I've received thus far on my post yesterday - entitled "Judging Bell Blues" - reminded me of my Ruiz cheat sheet. I suddenly realized it had been a while since I looked at it right after reading the comment. What a gift that comment was - another example of how we learn via spaced repetition. So, if you already have the four agreements fully internalized, reading this post can't hurt. If, like me, you needed a reminder, I'm pleased to serve that purpose and grateful to both Ruiz and the reader who inspired this post. If this is your first exposure to the four agreements and you're a seeker, write them down (maybe in a journal?) and rest assured of one thing - they will turn up again, probably when you need them most.

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