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Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Instrument With A Story

Sitting down earlier today to practice, it dawned on me: Two Guild guitars - a Starfire electric & a G-41 acoustic - have remained an essential and unchanged part of my life longer than anything aside from my two sisters and brother. What parallels do you have in your life?

I bought both instruments in the early 70's soon after giving up the drums for good. Both long pre-date my thirty seven year relationship with my wife. Each has outlasted every job I've had, car I've driven, every place I've lived, pet I've owned. One table - given to me by my long gone Mother - has possibly been with me longer than those two guitars. But except for dusting, I don't touch that table. I never think of it and when away (I suspect you'll be relieved to hear this startling confession), I don't miss it. And though the table has some sentimental value, if it were to suddenly go missing, that would be the end of that story.

The G-41 is ending its useful life. Despite a noble repair attempt, ever since I dropped it a few years back, it has never been the same. Of late, it has become quite difficult to play. I know I'll need to soon purchase a new acoustic. But that's not the end of this story.


  1. It’s the gift of music that’s remained “an essential and unchanged part of your life” for so long. The talent that you share with your audiences and students is what will remain with you and many others for the rest of your life and beyond. The guitars are just the “billboard” that draws attention to the real product. The gift of music is real your partner on this lifelong journey.

    1. Peter; What a beautiful reminder of what music has been to me (and you). Thanks for continuing to read and keep me grounded.