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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#35: The Mt. Rushmore Series

This iteration of Mt. Rushmore is more about aspiration than actuality, at least for me. Which four countries are you most interested in visiting at least once? Though I've opted to enshrine four I haven't seen, you can immortalize one or more that you have, provided you include a rationale for your return visits.

1.) Greece: My first visit could be as soon as next summer. Will be great to experience a place that has always intrigued me though who knows if I'll be using Euros, drachmas or beads as currency. Stay tuned.

2.) Kenya: My fascination with Kenya goes back farther than my longing to visit anywhere else in the world. But if things don't settle down there soon, this could be the only country on my monument remaining an aspiration.

3.) Sweden: I missed getting to the land of many blondes while travelling around Europe on the EuRail system in 1982. More than thirty years later my desire to visit hasn't waned at all.

4.) Thailand: Unlike the others above, Thailand would not have been on my Mt. Rushmore ten years ago. But friends and relatives have raved about it so much, some earlier contenders (e.g. New Zealand) have been bumped back to 5th place and beyond.

Can't settle on just four, you say? All right, build a bigger mountain if you must.

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