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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Scofflaw Sister

Over your lifetime, how much do you suppose you've forked over in cash for parking or traffic infractions? How much for other minor screw-ups or non-felonious scrapes with the law? A new friend told me she's never gotten a ticket in over 40 years of driving, never mind laying out the kind of dough I have for some other boneheaded mishaps. Ever since hearing of my friend's life of exemplary rectitude, I've been trying to devise a method to undermine her perfect record.

Then, as I stood next to her chortling, a librarian extorted .20 from my sister for two overdue books - inspiration struck. How hard could it be to get several library cards in my new friend's name? I know her address as well as a few other particulars & I'm sure she trusts me enough to give me any remaining pertinent information required to get those cards without me having to reveal my nefarious scheme. Imagine how quickly I could sully her flawless name, never mind the ensuing financial ruin. If you like, steal my idea to use on one of your equally righteous friends.

And all this because of my scofflaw sister. I just pray my brother-in-law doesn't read this post; he used to be in law enforcement.


  1. Great post! Hahah! With friends like these...

    1. Hey Honey; Glad you liked it; thanks for reading!