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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Batting Cleanup: National Conversation Day

To date, the three clever ideas I've proposed on this date for an August holiday - a month noticeably bereft of even one - have been met with either apathy (2012, 2014) or an accusation of insensitivity (2013). But given the absence of any reader-suggested alternatives, I'm obnoxiously obligated to try again.

How about this? Heretofore, how about designating August 1 National Conversation Day? Before I outline a few carefully chosen and flawless protocols, let's agree on an appropriate color we'll wear on August 1 a la Valentine's Day red. How about blue without the red and white? Stay tuned for the brilliant reason for that suggestion. The protocols...

1.) Any political conversations initiated on National Conversation Day must be with people who do not share your views. This may help us all escape our echo chambers for at least one day a year.
2.) Forbidden subjects on National Conversation Day: the weather, food & families of origin. Special verboten category for civil engineers and my family only: roads & bridges.
3.) All conversations about music, books, film or words with the inventor of National Conversation Day must continue until both parties are blue in the face.

I welcome comments on my latest amazing idea, additional protocols for National Conversation Day or best of all - suggestions for another celebration we can have each August 1. You've got 365 days to mull it over. Took a lot of self-control to not sneak a blue pun into this last paragraph.

1 comment:

  1. Came into this world
    Alone, and I grew
    Into someone who thought
    He knew what he knew
    Hardly find anyone
    Who thinks as I do
    From budding inception
    A womb with a view

    Each conversation
    Rehashed or new
    Bears harsh disagreement
    Disparagement too
    Need no special day
    Submit to your view
    I know it quite well
    Now go and turn blue