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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Changes in the way I show up in the world usually begin with small shifts. I'm curious if this is consistent with your experiences.

For example, at present I'm experiencing a shift in my thinking about pronunciation and spelling, two areas of language arts where my default position has always been conservative and, more often than not, inflexible. And though I arrived at that traditional position honestly - my parents stressed both, as well as standard grammar, at our regular dinner table conversations - my line in the sand is moving.

Because spelling was my only predictable "A" throughout grammar school, I suspect losing the judging monkey and getting more tolerant in that area will take longer than it will with pronunciation. But experience tells me losing that monkey in any domain of life has no downside. Is developing an open mind about the spelling and pronunciation of others a worthy pursuit?

Yes or no, a shift is underway in me.


  1. Hi Pat....I might be completely misunderstanding your post, but I cannot imagine where creativity fits within the realms spelling and grammar. Why would you want to "lose" your lack of flexibility in this area? While I believe in the importance and value of flexible thinking, I also believe in preserving that which is true. I won't go on since I think I may have misunderstood what it is that you are saying.

    As far as 'change' occurring in small increments until I am suddenly blindsided by how my perspective has been altered...I completely agree with you. Anything more powerful would be difficult to accept.

    Thanks, Pat, for always making me think! d.

    1. d; If you misunderstood,the chances are pretty good I wasn't clear. I wasn't referring to creativity at all in this post but instead how I'm slowly learning that judging others harshly because their spelling or pronunciation isn't up to some "standard" is a increasingly losing proposition for me. If you read this reply to your comment I hope that clarifies. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.