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Saturday, June 11, 2016

These Are The Good Old Days

Near the top of the list of reasons for rejoicing when it was no longer necessary I work full time was looking forward to less stress in my daily life. Who enjoys sitting in rush hour traffic even with company like Ella Fitzgerald, the Great Courses or NPR?

But as unpleasant as regularly facing traffic was - or as monotonously conforming as putting on a tie most days seemed - the bulk of my stress working full time was usually connected to my supervisory responsibilities. And the majority of my direct reports through the years were exemplary. But, oh those few.

So, when recently asked to briefly supervise a few volunteers at the stable where I myself am a volunteer, I was initially apprehensive. It's been over six years. I quickly rallied as it dawned on me that no performance appraisals were involved, there would be no scheduling issues, and most significantly - given the short duration of this supervisory assignment - high and ever-escalating drama might not have time to materialize.

The poop got mucked, the paddocks were mowed, the stress stayed manageable. Pat drove home - no traffic, no tie. Such a happy ending.

1 comment:

  1. Mark my words, Pat, you will regret having done such an effective job. I'm a woman of experience talking here. Just give it time; the drama's a-coming. And truth be told, I like you better in a tie.
    Poop? Not so much.