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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Risk Re-Visited

What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

My relationship with risk has been a very mixed bag. With respect to money I have, I've been mostly risk-averse, aka conservative. But my career choices - which clearly had an impact on how much money I'd have in the future - have entailed a fair degree of uncertainty and risk.

Risks in relationships? Here again, the story is complicated. I've tried gamely to remain vulnerable and open to relationships with all kinds of people; that route is fraught with risk. But, I'm also fiercely loyal, a stance that has perhaps contributed to some risk avoidance with respect to new or untested relationships.

Creative risk? That path is littered with my ambivalence. In general, the more I avoid fruitless comparisons with other musicians, composers, writers, artistic giants, the more risk I take. One of the main reasons I've avoided reading too many other bloggers is directly related to this. But the minute any comparisons jump into my head, risk gets tossed. How long it takes me to recover and put myself out there again in the creative world is mood dependent.

Which other domains of risk occur to you? And what is the biggest risk you ever did not take?

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