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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Around The World In Four Hours

With a nod to Jules Verne, and more pertinently, Anthony Bourdain, our journey around the world yesterday made culinary stops in twenty independent nations as well as a UK partner (Wales). Our four year old "eat the world" project now totals seventy five countries. And what a feast it was!

Four continents were represented, although there was controversy about Guatemala & Honduras - North America? (my sources: "World Atlas" - DK Publishing & the 2012 World Almanac) Or...South America?And a few friends took exception to PF Chang's being the entry for the cuisine of China on a timeline we'd posted around the room documenting the project to date. Both minor bumps considering how stuffed everyone was after the repast and ample Yuengling (the only wink at the US). A few guests took advantage of our offer and were airlifted from the banquet hall afterwards; they are still recovering.

Remarkably, only two countries - Armenia & Switzerland - were represented by more than one dish. Considering how many people attended - to the best of my knowledge few communicated with others about which country they chose from the list of 100 we provided - the event exceeded our expectations. The live music and a bluffing contest were gravy and dessert.

Icing on the cake? Earlier today we extended the celebration with our overnight guests and a return visit to Guatemala at breakfast. The continuing continent controversy was superseded by that mango & chili powder combination. North or South? Who cares?


  1. Great party. Great feast. Great fun. Star of the party--- Meghan ! I didn't get to make my Haitian snapper recipe because I was missing some ingredients but I got them today and john said he was happy we didn't share. I will make it again and invite you and Kim. Delicious Not Djiboutilicious

  2. Thanks for a fun afternoon we were stuffed!!!

  3. I'm sorry we missed this! It sounds like fun and I hope we can see you guys soon.

  4. Sue & Terry; Glad you both enjoyed it - thanks for the culinary visits to Djibouti & Armenia!! Susan; Next food flight, right?