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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

M Marks The Spot

Upon initiating this blog a little over four years ago my stated aim was to publish "...every day..." Though I missed that unrealistic goal, today's post is #1000, making my batting average better than .667 as well as providing me with a neat title. My keenest insight about blogging having hit M? Posts with catchier titles invariably get more readers, if not more comments.

Numbers aside, I've learned quite a bit from those comments, some made here, many more made offline. I've also learned about the people who comment, some of whom I know personally, some I don't. The good news - considering the scary inherent possibilities of the Internet - is how few creepy comments I've received. A few of the anonymous comments have been cryptic - especially on the infrequent days I post to Facebook - but the great majority have been thoughtful and revealing. Thank you for commenting.

Bigger thanks for your encouraging words. I had no idea on March 15 2011 if anyone aside from my family would ever take the time to read this blog, let alone comment on it. Your support has helped energize and sustain me. At my current rate of production, post MM will appear sometime around my 70th birthday in 2019. If you're inclined to bestow a theme gift to me, please remember - no brown M&M's, please.


  1. Go Pat!! Keep up the great job.

  2. I am so impressed! But not a bit surprised. One of the things I love the very best about you is your commitment...when you decide that you will do something, you DO it. I've enjoyed so much having this little window into your mind...thank you for sharing your creativity.

  3. Pat, I have told several people of your commitment and accomplishment on here. I am in awe of your consistency and thoughtfulness...Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to continued reading. d.

  4. I"ll save my biggest thanks for you three, among the most positive and consistently supportive people who read and (regularly comment) here and...not just on Facebook days, either. And, I'm only married to one of you!