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Saturday, April 11, 2015

They're Playing My Song

It could be because I'm a musician - and an obnoxious one at that - but I think everyone needs a theme song. Each time I meet a Dawn or a Donna or a Susan and a tune pops into my head - or obnoxiously, comes out of my mouth - I'm very happy. I was pleased to win the coin toss when our daughter was born resulting in her musical moniker vs. the name my wife favored - Lindsay. Nice name - no tune as far as I know though I didn't Google it.

I might even support a legal mandate requiring all newborn boys have a name that has a ready-to-sing theme song. In addition to all the music - and bad singing - that could soon fill the air, this requirement could help even out the existing gender disparity in theme songs. Shaft Barton has a nice ring to it, don't you think? More ethnically accurate - Baba O'Reilly Barton. My current top choice - Trouble Man Barton - so cool.

In the most recent music class I taught, there were 29 students. Only two women did not have a theme song. Theme songs for the men? Zero. This is an injustice in need of a remedy.

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