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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Live Bait & Lingerie

What was the last sign you saw promoting a business or product that left you scratching your head?

If you were a lawyer, would you want your name boldly displayed under a psychic? Each time I pass Psychic readings by Chris/Capone & Keefe, Attorneys At Law, I snicker. Who do these lawyers think will be enticed to use their services given that second billing? Has no one ever suggested to them (their families, at least?) that a second sign of their own might be a better idea?

How about this appetizing offer? Veggie Sliders Now Available. Want to guess what fine dining establishment is advertising this on their thirty foot tall highway sign? Everyone's choice for vegetarian cuisine, of course - White Castle! Really? Which marketing genius came up with this?

Many years ago, a favorite t-shirt of mine had a picture of dump trucks adjacent to a sign reading "fill dirt and croissants". Do you suppose Capone, Keefe and the White Castle marketing team would get the joke? Or ... might they assume the local quarry carried their favorite pastry? Seen anything recently that compares to my two local bone-headed winners? Bring them on; I can always use a good laugh.

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