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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Curiosity, Not Narcissism (An Experiment)


I was gratified and chastened when a reader asked for the update mentioned in my July 19 post above; I'd forgotten I made the promise to report back on this experiment after three months.

Of the twelve people I interviewed to ask my question "Which trait of mine do you think most attracts others?", 33% of the responses matched the trait I'd predicted - my energy. And though none of the responses from the other eight people surprised me, the fact that no other one answer was duplicated did. Did anyone else - aside from the reader who asked for this update and also told me her results - try the experiment with us? Did any of the answers match what you thought people would say? Any surprises?

If you decided - as I suggested you could in the original post - to replace the word "attracts" with "repels" in your question, I'm equally curious to know the results. I plan to continue the experiment and hope you'll join me. No more promises about when my next update will be.

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