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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sitting down to capture my reflections on a completely different subject, I glanced at my reading space, located directly adjacent to this laptop. In that instant, I flashed to how my surroundings could quickly deteriorate if I lived alone - not a pretty picture.

The space is usually more contained. My wife has been away only two days. So how did my reading and writing materials expand so quickly that they now occupy a good portion of this room? Am I that reliant on someone else to moderate my tendency toward clutter? Are you?

It's possible the mess would have escaped my attention and my original reflection would have been today's post had I not earlier this a.m. finished a Times article about a NYC hoarder. Doesn't that perfectly demonstrate the value of reading? My empathy for the lonely life and death of George Bell - brilliantly reported by N.R. Kleinfield and photographed by Josh Haner - probably contributed to that glance at my reading space. In turn, I experienced gratitude for a life that includes someone who helps moderate my excesses. Next? Spend a minute and get my space under control. The rest of this glorious fall day awaits.

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