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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Nomads Vs. The Rooted

Which two US States have the highest percentage of people not born in those same States? Which two have the highest percentage who were born in the States where they reside?

Although I'm certain this data is readily available - I did not Google it -  I'm equally certain the curious among us have a better than even shot getting at least one State right for each question without a research grant. This is not a trivia contest; I've been reflecting on it since my recent Road Scholars trip and wondered what your experience tells you. Counting the almost forty participants - and the two guides in the first National Park - nineteen States were represented on that trip. Over the two weeks, I made sure to find out which of these folks were nomads - i.e. those fitting the first question posed - vs. rooted. Nerdy, right? But I've found few conversational gambits as reliable as this one.

I'll go first - surprise, right? - but I'm looking forward to your non-researched guesses. Top two nomad States = California & Florida. Top two rooted States = Oklahoma & West Virginia. Full disclosure: My wife's family is from West Virginia and my totally non-scientific guess is partially based on that infinitesimal sample and the rooted-ness therein. But, I further grounded my guess when the West Virginia couple from my Road Scholar trip told me they were indeed both born in almost heaven. And I didn't have to sing John Denver's song - they knew exactly what I meant.

Come on, even folks who complain the questions in my blog make their head hurt can jump in the pool on this, no? Just promise you won't cheat - that will upset this rooted blogger.

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