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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go Outside And Play

How often did your parents say to you - "Go outside and play!"  Don't you wish someone would periodically say the same thing to you now?

Sometimes when I've been in my head too long, I do in fact say those exact words to myself, although not aloud. Strange as it sounds, it actually works. Often the self-admonishment will prompt me to simply take a walk - to the library or the local coffee shop or I'll indulge in some aimless meandering. Any of these seem to do the trick. What do you do when you go outside to play?

Perhaps this need to go outside and play partially explains why some people prefer a temperate climate year round. But I don't mind playing outside in New Jersey winters. Also, giving up winter would additionally entail giving up autumn, my favorite time to go outside and play. This time of year, I need no prompting, parental or otherwise.

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  1. Please take me along! I love playing outside in autumn - especially walking in the woods at this time of year. Kicking through leaves, skating over walnuts, wondering how NJ forests got those deep sand paths, and just breathing. It's the best.