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Monday, October 12, 2015

Warning: Bragging Ahead

What's the closest contact you've ever had with a President?

My answer is easy - handling currency. But the ambitious and talented young man my daughter has been dating for four years recently gave me one degree of separation bragging rights. He and several other young entrepreneurs were guests in the oval office last Wednesday. If you're interested in learning more, visit the website of the NYC-based company he founded and look for details on the Labor Summit hosted by the President and Secretary of Labor on October 7.


As astounded as I am by this young man's precociousness, it wouldn't mean a thing if he wasn't good for my daughter. But his values are solid, he is supportive of her chosen path and his instincts about people are often spot-on. I can take no credit for any of this or for who my daughter chooses to date, for that matter. But I can be grateful for both. Bragging is so uncool. But one of the clear consolations of being old is how much being cool does not matter.

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