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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Buddha In San Antonio

Strolling the River Walk in charming San Antonio this past week with my wife, I reflected on a tension. There are so many places I still want to see yet, time is finite. For a brief moment I abandoned the present and morbidly wondered if this might be the last time I get to enjoy San Antonio.    

If that turns out to be the case, no matter; I'm fortunate to have had this one opportunity. And my short visit to glass half-empty land aside, I was otherwise fully present and enjoyed the city immensely. In particular, the Alamo blew me away. Was my heightened appreciation and excitement - something my wife noticed and commented on - somehow connected to my earlier un-Buddha-like wondering? In other words, was my premonition about never returning to San Antonio intensifying my experience of the city? Any of this sound familiar?

If you get a chance, visit San Antonio. And try getting off the River Walk when you want to eat. Use Yelp or some other means to find good local places. Our favorite - Rosario's.

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