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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Act Three

Each time I settle on a useful metaphor for where I am in life, something better occurs to me. Although I suspect I've got less company on the bell curve than usual this time, I'm also reasonably certain I'm not alone. So, what metaphor describing the arc of your life has most recently resonated with you?

Of late, Act Three seems most apt for me. Given my age, it's realistic, although not bleak - Act Fours are not unheard of. And there's something majestic about third acts. Big things often happen - think Shakespeare. Of course, metaphors require parameters to be useful. No regular reader will be surprised to learn I have a few.

* Re my passions: In Act Three I'm shooting for listening to music that can help me grow as a musician or lyricist, sampling as many new authors as I can - returning to an old one only if the last book of theirs I read moved me, discriminating more about the films I watch.

* Re conversations: As Act Three proceeds, I'm aiming to speak less, use more pure questions, be mindful of elevating the discourse by avoiding discussions of people and events, concentrating instead on conversations about ideas.

* Re creativity: In my third act, all energy must be aimed at fine tuning my creative voice. In addition, I will make more space for collaboration, something I neglected in Act One & Two.

How about you? Although I've reflected on it, I left out the Act Three parameter about relationships - a future post, perhaps. I'm also not treating the above as goals; more like I'm shaping my life as it unfolds.

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