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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ralph To The Rescue

What was the last really thorny moral dilemma you faced? Who or what did you turn to for assistance?

Though I'm not Christian, I've often found the practice of asking myself  "What would Jesus do?" a useful tool in these situations. And I've also found it useful to substitute the names of others into that formulation periodically. Though my intent is not blasphemous, I am curious to know who you could readily insert into that question if faced with this kind of dilemma.

I'm guessing many folks turn to other religious or spiritual figures, regardless of the particular faith those folks follow. All religious scripture has astute guidance on navigating these circumstances. My most recent quandary had me consulting Emerson, probably the lay person who has most assisted me. A collection of his essays occupies the same book shelf as my well worn bible. I suspect Emerson's early career as a minister has something to do with the solace I invariably get from his words.


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    1. Ines; A very apt choice and one I'm sure others reading this could benefit from consulting. Thanks for reading AND commenting.