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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Carlinisms, Cont.

With a nod to the late great George Carlin, I've got some questions for you, beginning with a holiday appropriate one: If a prostitute came to your door today, how would you respond to the Halloween expression "Trick or treat?" Just asking.

George and I also want to know - The last time you had mahi mahi did you have couscous as a side? While on that same subject, what would you call a defective yo-yo? A no-yo? Just a plain old yo? How come the cha-cha is not called the cha-cha-cha since there are three quick steps in the dance? And, if you only do half the steps are you doing the cha?  Is a group of dodos learning karate called a dodo dojo? If you eat M&M's upside down are you eating W&W's?

Now about those ruby slippers. If Dorothy clicked her heels and she was instead wearing cowboy boots, where would she have landed? How about pumps? Sandals? Do sandals click? Would she have ever gotten out of Oz if all she'd had were flip flops?

Got any Carlinisms you'd like to share?

1 comment:

  1. If she was wearing pumps, Dorothy definitely would not have made it to Oz on the yellow brick road. It just isn't possible, regardless of what you see in the movies...Jurassic World the latest ridiculous example. (BTW - I KNOW this was not the point of the post :) )