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Monday, October 19, 2015

THE Bete Peeve/Pet Noire

bete noire: something that a person dislikes or dreads; a bugbear. 

Let's face it - French just makes things sound better than other languages. This goes for food  - even if you didn't know what they were wouldn't you pick a croissant any day over a bratwurst? for clothing - I bet a beret entices even people who otherwise eschew haberdashery, even for things you dislike or dread. Come on, admit it - doesn't bete noire have so much more snap than pet peeve?


A list of my bete noires - begun sometime ago to assist me writing future posts for my crabbiness series - has since gotten quite long. But reviewing that list recently, I realized lip syncing needed a post of its own. This all-too-common practice - a bete noire surpassed in my mind only by poseur DJs who fancy themselves musicians, especially those who lip sync - can get me so incensed I sometimes appear irrational. Silly, I know but who out there hasn't at least once appeared a bit cuckoo? Was it one of your bete noires that triggered you?

The good news: The next time I watch someone lip sync - or run across a moronic DJ doing it - I've got a cool sounding expression for my annoyance. Maybe this can assist me to be more measured in my response? Stay tuned.

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