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Monday, July 20, 2015

Your Technology Tolerance Threshold

Though I've been chastised a bit for my old fart complaints about the way technology intrudes on modern life, I suspect even some folks who have directed that criticism at me have a certain tolerance threshold regarding technology. How many of my critics are willing to admit when too much (technology) is too much?

Would you say seeing a family of four each staring at their own device while at a restaurant (vs. interacting with one another) doesn't make you wonder if things are a bit out of hand? When you see kids on their bicycles texting and not paying attention to automobiles, do you never wonder what will happen when they finally get behind the wheel of a car? When people post what they had for lunch on Facebook or take selfies in front of a museum exhibit or have an extended conversation about some celebrity's Twitter feed, what is your gut reaction?

The irony of a blogger railing about these things is not lost on me. At the same time, whether you decide me having a threshold is an oxymoron of sorts or you chastise me for being a crank/Luddite, I submit anyone claiming they have no threshold is being disingenuous. Where do you draw the line?


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  2. In my opinion, technology should never get in the way of safety!