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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Test Worth Cramming For

Having recently discovered our young adult daughter could not recollect the two word movie phrase her mother and I have repeatedly said to each other for almost forty years, I've decided to develop an inheritance test. I submit the below for your consideration as a first draft. Please forward your suggestions via a comment here or offline. To my younger readers and those others lucky enough to still have your parents - some cramming may be in order once this is finalized.  

1.) Recite the movie line your parents have most frequently said to one another during their life together.  
2.) Name a favorite song for each parent. Parental option for deciding percentage to leave each of multiple offspring: Bequeath more for those who identify artist who recorded the song(s).  
3.) Describe how and where your parents first met, including the name of the town. Missing the State or Country automatically eliminates you from the will.
4.) Identify which author each parent has most widely read. No points given for authors of books read to you as a child.
5.) Missing no more than three, list the countries your parents spent any time in together. Forgetting the United States means an automatic 25% reduction in inheritance.

Special clause for test developer's progeny: What was the name of your Father's blog, circa 2011-2015? 

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  1. I think even I might fail this test. Better make sure my name is on all our assets.