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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sinatra And Balance

"Do-be-do-be-do." Frank Sinatra

Though I've never been a fan, Ol' Blue Eyes may have unwittingly stumbled onto something quite profound in his coda for "Strangers In The Night."  Promise you'll stay with me for just two paragraphs?

My wife often describes her brother as the most "doing-est" person she knows; I agree. His tireless productivity getting practical, useful and potentially profitable things done sometimes brings me up short. And yet - though I've certainly had my moments - lazy is not among the insults others have routinely hurled at me and my goal orientation is a clear strength. In other words, I'm OK in the "do" domain.  

Moving to the "be" piece of Sinatra's formulation, I don't recall ever having heard anyone describe a person as the most "being-ist" person they know. Have you ever heard something like this? But here's where my addled brain decided Frankie's toggling between those two simple words was more than a crooner's tic. Isn't it feasible (if unplanned) those five syllables are an incantation of sorts about the wisdom of leading a balanced life? Do - be - do - be - do. Act - breathe - act - breathe - act. In recent years, I've given a great deal more focused attention to the "be" piece after becoming increasingly aware of my own struggles with balance, some of it no doubt tied to that goal orientation. For the action-oriented, please notice: The incantation ends with "do".

So, let's all sing along, shall we? Do-be-do-be-do. 

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