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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Progress Report/Re-Calibrating


Though it happens infrequently, sometimes an old post like the one above gets some renewed attention. But as encouraging as the attention was, after re-reading it I was more pleasantly surprised to note the progress I've made over the ensuing three years getting a lot more live music into my life. And still I remain curious to know: What do you have too much of? Not enough of? Avoid treating this as a scarcity issue or a reason to feel guilty. Instead, consider it a prompt to re-calibrate. I'll go first.

Currently, I've got too much old stuff. Although I'm in no danger of being on reality TV, my garage has several boxes filled with curriculum materials for classes I haven't taught in more than fifteen years -too much. And much as I love my books, I've got too many of those as well.  Not enough? Thoughtful and honest feedback. I can be as thin-skinned as the next guy and have been called over-sensitive more than a few times. Still, being out of the world of full time work for almost five years has significantly diminished how often others tune me up.

Closing with the glass half full, I'm also thrilled to report genuine progress with respect to the amount of information taken in re celebrities since that earlier post. That particular 2012 "too much" has been officially downgraded to "more than I need but less than before". Nice.  

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