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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kismet And...Gravy

Friends have played a big role in the "eat around the world" project my wife and I initiated in March 2011. We've visited ethnic restaurants with some of them, cooked in our home for others, and one couple even brought an entire Chilean meal to us. The Swedish appetizers we concocted to take to friends tonight - who are cooking us a traditional Canadian dinner - brings our tally to 54 countries.

To celebrate the project's upcoming fourth anniversary my wife suggested we gather all our cuisine co-conspirators. Circulate a list of the countries not yet sampled (a mere 140 remain), ask those folks to bring something, add some live music, see how far around the world we get. And since I'd already decided to host a celebration marking my 1000th blog post - which should be published around the same time as that anniversary - and this project was itself inspired by an early follower of the blog, a gourmet cook... kismet, no?

Although we're a bit behind on Africa and have had some challenges finding vegetarian fare for me when visiting Eastern Europe, our trip continues apace. Adding a party to the mix is gravy, no?

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