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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project Payoff


Of the projects written of here since 2011, I received the most help from readers for the post above. On behalf of my daughter, thank you.

In all, she ended up with 44 film performances - accompanied by my geeky notes about each - to check out as part of her continuing education as an actress. And each time she watched one, we talked about it. Although we didn't see eye-to-eye every time (e.g. she was not as moved as I by Faye Dunaway's brittle performance in "Network"), our conversations were uniformly wonderful.

Even better, the project made me a more discriminating viewer; my daughter educated me about the nuances of her craft. Who in your life similarly helps you pay more attention to a craft that interests you but one you're not sharply attuned to? In turn, my daughter's coaching further prompted additional reflecting about people who likely guided me as a young musician. Who in earlier life acted as a guide for you with respect to an abiding passion of yours?

A project with more payoff than I originally envisioned. Cool.

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