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Monday, January 5, 2015

Nourishment And Creativity

Imagine how rich life would be had each of us been taught early in life to connect our need for nourishment to creativity. At Monday's breakfast, read a Shakespeare sonnet. Lunch, listen to a Bach fugue. Dinner, gaze at a Monet.

Since we must eat to survive, why not routinely couple it with protein-rich art? Couldn't three exposures most days increase the chances our own creativity would awaken? How about dedicating a few meals each week to flexing those muscles? Thursday lunch - take a stab writing some simple verse. Saturday breakfast - try some water colors. How healthy would this be? Many of us think regularly about what we eat - Why not connect that to what others or we ourselves create?

Integrating the creating part of this concept into a life has one significant challenge - the inner critic that whispers in some of our ears. If you'd heard what mine said as I typed "try some water colors", you'd have had a good laugh. At the same time, the greatest success I've had integrating new disciplines into my life has occurred when I anchored one habit or routine to another e.g. writing a daily gratitude statement right after brushing my teeth. Since eating is a non-negotiable, it's surprising I didn't think of this one sooner.  

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