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Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Since Congress is now considering the 28th amendment to the Constitution that I proposed one year ago (see link above and the featured story on the front page of today's NY Times citing that link), I strongly suggest you weigh in right here with your ideas for the 29th. This blog of mine has considerable reach.

My idea for XXIX: Time to abolish the electoral college and elect our President via the popular vote. Back in 1787, when the aristocrats of Virginia were angling to maintain their influence and power, I guess the electoral college made sense to them. But ever since, there have been several instances when the candidate getting the most votes lost the election. In 2000 you'll recall - with Florida's electoral college votes being the deciding factor - the Supreme Court got to decide who the next President would be. Huh?

I honestly do not understand how this antiquated concept has endured this long. Do you? What are your ideas for XXIX?  BTW, just kidding about Congress and the NY Times; had to make sure you paid attention for another paragraph.

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