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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Parlez vous Francais madame et monsieur? Non? Au contraire.

Try getting through a whole day sans Francais. Breakfast - Perhaps a crepe at a local bistro? How far into the day before the first double entendre or risque comment is spoken or faux pas occurs? Gauche colleague? Or...vous? Or, do the bon mots of the chic bon vivants in your workplace - such sparkling repartee - fill you with joie de vivre?

Lunch, mon ami? Buffet or soup du jour? Will your entourage tag along or will you rendezvous with a favorite raconteur for a tete-a-tete?  Maybe just ask that protege to meet you for an apertif? You two have such rapport and he can discuss ballet, Shakespeare's oeuvre or haute cuisine with such elan. 

If later in the day cliches begin inducing ennui, voila! Call your fiance! Speak of the melee you and your beau saw at last week's Rangers game or how the current cause celebre already seems tres passe. There's also Springsteen's latest tour-de-force, your resumes, and that menage a trois your frightful neighbor with the scary decolletage brags about - declasse, non? 

Moi? I'm headed for a soiree. Oui, I did RSVP. Entre nous, the discotheque at chez Miller gives me deja vu. Au revoir.